Rudy Miranda - Drums

Residing in Sydney, Australia - this Chilean born drummer draws on rock, R&B, funk, Latin, jazz and fusion influences to be one of this country's most experienced and sought after drummers.

Rudy has been playing drums for over 24 years and in that time has performed and recorded* with various national and international artists including:

Mal Eastick* Dave Leslie (Baby Animals) Kevin Borich Latin Fire Phil Emmanuel Chris Turner* Dave Hole* What Is Hip Sugar Ray Norcia (USA) Eureka* Chain Chris Finnen Jak Housden (The Badloves) The Headhunters Terry Murray Fiona Horne Nick Meares* Doc Neeson (The Angels) Gina Jeffreys & Rob McCormack Rudy also appears on compilation albums including: - Guitar Gurus (with Dave Hole) - The No. 1 Blues Album (with Dave Hole)

Rudy has toured Australia extensively over the years and has supported such greats as Edgar Winter, Buddy Guy and Canned Heat. When Rudy joined The Dave Hole Band in the early 90's, live performances began with a five-week European tour supporting Gary Moore in arena-style venues holding in excess of 10,000 people. Germany, Holland, Denmark and the UK were included, with the final two shows of the tour being at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

Australian and New Zealand tours were followed by another European tour including playing the Den Haag Festival in Holland to a crowd of 50,000. Canada and the USA were next - 50 shows over 35 states in just 9 weeks! Amongst these dates were supports for Jimmy Cliff, Roy Rogers and The Kentucky Headhunters.

The next few years saw Rudy back home in Australia with Dave Hole - playing and recording, and freelancing for various top Australian acts as listed above. Since 1996, Rudy has been with Mal Eastick.

Mal's second album "SPIRIT" was released in January 2001, featuring Rudy on drums,Ian Lees on bass and John Makey on vocals. The chemistry between these four guys is amazing! Rudy Miranda - driving the music. Don't miss an opportunity to see him live! Rudy proudly plays Yamaha 9000 recording custom drums & Zildjian cymbals. * * * * *